October 30, 2012

{sneak peek} the birth of baby Fei :: Northern Virginia home birth photographer

In the midst of Hurricane Sandy hitting the DC region last night, I went out in the rain and wind to photograph the birth of baby Fei. This was a fast, intense birth spurred on by low barometric pressure and a full moon. With the rain beating against the window and the wind howling, mama surrendered to the deep wisdom of her body. Two hours of active labor and only twenty minutes of pushing brought baby Fei into the world. You’d think a fast labor would be easy, but the real word is “intense.” The intensity of feeling like you’re going to be split open :: but before you are, your baby daughter slides out into daddy’s waiting hands.

  1. mom

    October 30th, 2012 at

    So fun to see these really *new* newborn pictures! I love the daddy one, and the one where the baby’s face is all lit up…the last 2 pictures. Actually, I love them all. Best wishes to the family.

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