birthing in the time of coronavirus

holding space

Growing a new human inside of birth...being a parent...these are transformative moments at any time, even moreso when there's a worldwide pandemic happening. Moments of transcendent joy are now tempered with fear of the unknown; moments that should be celebrated and shared with your family and community are now being lived alone. Whether you're pregnant, have recently given birth, or are in the first several months postpartum, becoming a parent in the time of coronavirus is uncharted territory.

For the time being I can no longer enter the birth space or homes to capture images of brave new and expecting parents who are navigating this unexpected turn of events. But that that doesn't mean I can't tell your stories.

My project is intended to do two things: first to hold space for those who are becoming and being parents during this time of crisis, providing a container of empathy for them to speak their stories out loud and find the beauty even in the hard. And secondly, to share these stories with the world, to let other mothers know that even in their isolation, they are not alone. YOU are not alone.

Video calls are conducted via Zoom or Facetime and last about 30-45 minutes. First we talk, you share your experience and stories, and then we play a bit with the camera and the computer or phone screen, the light in your home, and the emotion in your heart to try to capture a few real and imperfect images of what it's like to be a birthing person in the time of coronavirus.

you never expected it would look like this.

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Tristan and Fiona - life with them is a wild adventure. They are my heart, my reason for everything I do. 

the mountains

I fell in love for the first time one summer in the mountains. To this day, being in the mountains quickens my heart and makes me come alive.

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the mountains


I love words - the sound of them, the beauty of the rhythm, the way words can cut you to the quick and change your life. Nothing has shaped who I am and who I have become as much as words - the words I've read, the words spoken between friends.