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Growing a new human inside of you ... giving birth ... being a parent. These experiences will change you. For some of us, they go by in a haze of morning sickness, insomnia, long labors, and sleepless nights with a newborn. We might wake up a few years later and wonder, what happened?

I deeply believe photography and videography can give us back to ourselves. We will be able to return to these transformative experiences time and time again, seeing them - and the person we became - more clearly. This isn't just about having some pretty framed photos on the wall or flipping through a photo book. It's about finding yourself - instead of losing yourself - in the experience of becoming and being a parent.

these are the experiences that will change you.

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 My Loves

my babies

Tristan and Fiona - life with them is a wild adventure. They are my heart, my reason for everything I do. 

the mountains

I fell in love for the first time one summer in the mountains. To this day, being in the mountains quickens my heart and makes me come alive.

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the mountains


I love words - the sound of them, the beauty of the rhythm, the way words can cut you to the quick and change your life. Nothing has shaped who I am and who I have become as much as words - the words I've read, the words spoken between friends.


I accept a very limited number of births and other sessions each month so that I can serve every client at the highest level while also still being "mom" to my own three littles. Birth story pricing begins at $2750 while portrait pricing begins at $950 for all-inclusive packages. Please inquire with me for a custom quote and payment plan options.