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My photography journey started with birth photography but it didn't end there. I shoot everything to do with life and motherhood. Whether that's a simple maternity portrait or a family documentary film, an in-home newborn story or a light and bright newborn session in my home studio. 

birth is only the beginning

I discovered the power of a mother in the delivery room and then began to see it in every detail of ordinary life. I want to tell the story of motherhood in every phase of life, letting mom be in the photo and remember what it's all for.

Birth Stories

There aren't many moments in life that are as profound as the transformative experience that is birth. Every mother travels through the "I can't" to the "I did." When I document a birth, I feel in my core the palpable power of the birthing mother. From this feeling I create a beautiful telling of your story so that you can be completely in the moment with your body, your baby, your partner. Your story is about the power you find, the emotions you experience, the tenderness you feel when holding your little one for the first time. 

Birth stories begin at $2400.

"every midwife knows 
that not until a mother’s womb 
softens from the pain of labor 
will a way unfold 
and the infant find that opening to be born. 
oh friend! 
there is treasure in your heart, 
it is heavy with child. 
all the awakened ones, 
like trusted midwives are saying, 
'welcome this pain. 
it opens the dark passage of grace."



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First48 and Documentary Newborn

As a mom, I never cease to be amazed by how the first days and weeks with a new baby fly by and disappear. A First 48 story is about remembering the feelings, the snuggles, the wrinkly peely skin of your new sweet baby. Perfect for siblings or grandparents meeting the new baby.

Documentary newborn stories are similar to a first48 but can take place at your home anytime in the first month. These stories are also unscripted and focused on connection and remembering your real life with a newborn. They slow down time so you can remember these precious days forever.

First48 and documentary newborn sessions begin at $1400.

“I love you neither with my heart
nor with my mind.
My heart might stop
my mind can forget.
I love you with
my soul because
my soul never stops
or forgets."



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Studio Newborn Sessions

Newborn studio sessions are held at my in-home studio. They are not documentary the way an in-home session would be, neither are they overly posed and contrived. My studio aesthetic is simple and natural with a neutral palette and lots of natural light. Most of the photos are connection-based - in the arms of mom and dad, or very natural sleepy baby poses on a beanbag. I don't force babies to sleep or dangle from a tree or anything they don't want to do. It's all about your baby, and you, simply as you are. These are classic and timeless images meant for hanging on your walls and enjoying in an album. 

Petite studio newborn sessions are also available and consist of a shorter studio session focusing on parent-baby shots. 

“love is what gives joy
to all creation."



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Maternity Sessions

On location maternity sessions are about beautiful light, neutral colors, and fields of golden grass. They are about capturing the beauty that is the pregnant belly, at a time when a lot of women don't feel beautiful and maybe even want to hide. It was in pregnancy that my body first met my soul. I want to give you something to look back on with awe, to realize that growing a human life IS beautiful (even though it is also painful and uncomfortable.) These sessions are photographed at a field near my home.

I also offer petite studio maternity sessions in my home studio, consisting of a shorter session and a select number of final images.

“if joy could talk
this is what she would say:
it was Love who gave birth to me."



maternity portfolio


Family Stories

Family sessions are not about saying "cheese" - they are about capturing authentic moments and real interactions in your beautiful everyday. These sessions take place at your home or outdoors near your home. 

*I am currently building my portfolio of documentary family sessions, please contact me if you are interested in a portfolio building special.

“in your light
i learn how to love."



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"Heidi documented our birth story with an enormous amount of respect, patience and love and my
photos still make me cry to look at. There was never a moment of discomfort for me, having Heidi in the room. She radiated confidence, support and encouragement and her palpable respect for the birthing mother and the birth process made her a welcome part of my team."


"Her palpable respect for the birthing mother and the birth process made her a welcome part of my team"



"Each time I look at the images of the birth of my daughter, I am overcome with emotion as they so perfectly capture the drama, excitement, and ecstasy. The images are among my most treasured possessions. Heidi goes above and beyond for the families she works with. I was also so pleasantly surprised at the personal touch Heidi took in talking about my birth story on her website, it brought tears to my eyes and was so empowering to see myself as a birthing mother through Heidi's eyes."


"It brought tears to my eyes and was so empowering to see myself as a birthing mother through Heidi's eyes."



"My delivery did not go as I had planned and having my birth photos helped me process my experience, as well as come to terms with it. The week after the birth, Heidi also helped me process my birth story through emails, giving me both reassurance and encouragement that I had done my best and that my birth was beautiful."


"Having my birth photos helped me process my experience"



"Heidi is an artist in every sense, from her expert use of light to her seemingly magical way of capturing the most poignant moments of these family life events. She managed to capture my toddler's initial confusion then loving response at meeting her new sister, our attempts to explain who this new family member was, and some really tender moments between parents and new baby. She wove them into a beautiful story that we've now watched dozens of times in a week and that has helped my oldest daughter process all this. Heidi's photos and video portray a pivotal event in our family story that I didn't realize I would never, EVER want to forget."

~ G.Z.

"Heidi is an artist in every sense"



"Heidi was wonderful to work with and does such great work. She helped with wardrobe suggestions, site location and helped us feel like we were in a natural setting not knowing she was snapping away. She was able to create such a beautiful keepsake of our newborn son combining photos and video clips and incorporated a letter we wrote to him. I still tear up every time I watch it. We will be forever grateful!"

~ S.R.

"I still tear up every time I watch it"



If you're looking for someone to capture some of the greatest occasions in your life, Heidi is HANDS DOWN the best choice!!! She has a way of capturing the moment in so many amazing ways and makes you feel extremely comfortable with the process. I have hired her for both of my children's births, their baby photos, a few family shoots and will continue to use her for anything else! You really cannot go wrong hiring her!"

~ K.S.



"She has a way of capturing the moment"



These are magnificent! We will treasure Sana's newborn photos forever - thank you for capturing that priceless moment together as a new family and taking such beautiful photos of Sana and my family. Thank you so much for everything...!




"These are magnificent!"