We only get one wild and precious life

you get

to be yourself

And I get to witness that — on every level. I promise you will never see your own story more beautifully.

This life you're living in, this love you're growing — you know it's flying by. Sometimes it's so full, you think you'll never be able to hold it all. You wonder if you'll be able to remember every moment that is shaping you, changing you, making you everything you've ever wanted to become.

I see it too. I see you. And YOU are the reason I'm here. 

your photography EXPERIENCE

Even when you don't know what to expect...

You can expect me to be there. You can expect my support. You can expect to take up your own space. You can expect to be yourself and to have your own experience, and you can expect that experience to be more beautiful than you've imagined.  You can expect me to find that beauty and to hold the stories you might not even see.

You can expect to be seen and to be held — through everything you want to remember.

“I wanted the perspective of an artist who would get in the trenches with me...

...who could see what I was feeling and all that I had overcome just to get to be there, in that room, birthing my baby, and could somehow translate that to photo/film in such a way that honored the whole rubicon that it was. All that to say - it had to be you." 

— Erika, attorney, IVF mom

“We feel seen by you, and loved by you.

We have loved the rawness with which you have captured our family. It takes someone really special to represent someone as they are, not who one wants them to be. Forever will we hold onto this treasure and think of you."

— Lauren and amanda, reciprocal IVf moms

“Heidi is the friend who has journeyed with me through some of the most vulnerable and joyous moments of my life...

It wasn’t just about having the photos; it was also about the presence of a person who had become so much more than a photographer to me. She gifted me not only with beautiful photos and videos, but also invaluable encouragement and support for which I’m forever grateful.


I tell

stories                 feel like



I believe that

your birth is yours and I am here to witness you.

I am here for the RAWNESS, for the VULNERABILITY, for the LAUGHTER, for the BREATHING. I see your LOVE and your PAIN and your BIRTH and your REBIRTH. I share what is REAL back with you so you can REMEMBER, and make something IMPROBABLY BEAUTIFUL out of this JOURNEY that feels IMPOSSIBLE. 

I love the ones who show up as they are

The ones who aren't afraid
to bare their shattered souls, 
or their lovely scars.

— mehr lee

The ones who gleam with sunshine as well as lightning.

Frequently asked questions

Do you only photograph birth?

For me, birth is literally only the beginning. Parenthood is a constant process of re-birth and I'm here for all of it.

how would you choose a photographer?

When it comes to honest, vulnerable moments - whether birth or your real life as a family - a personal connection is the most important thing. To be your real self, you absolutely must feel safe. Heard. Seen. This is what I offer.
In addition, when hiring a birth photographer experience matters. I am not just a photographer. I bring extensive knowledge of the birth space into my work. 

what are you like behind the camera?

I am not just a photographer. My camera is my tool, but my passion is you and your story.

In the birth space, I fully enter into your experience, hold space for you, silently cheer from the sidelines (and sometimes out loud, too!) You will feel my unwavering belief that you've got this, even if I might not say a word.

For life sessions - pregnancy, postpartum, baby, or family - I get to know you, to see and document the little things that are really the big things. I laugh with you, I give you permission to be yourself - and I give your kids permission to be themselves, whether silly, grumpy, serious - it's all good because it's all real. I am in the trenches with you in this parenting gig, and I think the fact that I get it makes it easier for me to really capture the authenticity of your real life.

are you a doula?

After years of bringing my supportive "doula heart" to births, I recently completed doula training with ToLabor. I bring my knowledge of labor and birth into your space. I bring support, can help you with position changes, comfort measures, physical support when desired, as well as help you understand medical terms and informed decision making. At this time I don't consider this a substitute for full doula support and will happily recommend doulas to work with if you are looking for more full spectrum support.

How would you describe your style?

I love what is real, and everything from how I compose a shot to the way I edit the final image comes from that. I don't do a lot of posing or styling - none at all for births and very very little for any other kind of session. I am inspired by medium format film and am always striving to find those perfect, filmy skin tones. Your images won't look heavily filtered or a vastly different color than how things looked in real life. 

Do you use flash at births?

Every birth is different. If I can, I utilize available light as my first choice. If it is extremely dark or the shadows are harsh, I often use bounced flash at very low power to create more beautiful tones and interplay between light and shadow. Many moms prefer a dark environment with the occasional and momentary flash as opposed to continuous light in their birth space. 

What are you hoping for?


you want

There's nothing very predictable in life, but there's always room for our plans. I'd love to hear about the life you're building, the one you want to remember.