As the first photographer in the DC metro area to specialize in birth stories, I bring 8 years of experience telling the stories of amazing moms, like you. Being an empath is my superpower: You can trust me not just to tell your story but to experience it alongside you. I don't just observe, I feel what you feel and live it with you.

photo from the birth of my daughter Ivy
by Angie Klaus



My own transformative birth experiences are the driving force behind being a birth photographer. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and ten thousand words would not be enough to tell my birth stories. After your birth, you may find yourself as I did - at a loss for words, overwhelmed by emotion, wanting to remember every moment of your child's entrance into the world, and of your birth as a mother.

That's where I come in. 

I am respectful during your birth, as invisible as you need me to be. I know that inviting someone into your birthing time is incredibly vulnerable, and I will honor the vulnerability and intimacy of your birth. Whether you need a voice of encouragement or a silent witness to your experience, I have a deep reverence for the birthing woman. I am in awe of you.

After giving birth to three babies, I know that postpartum is raw - your heart is open now like never before, you are simultaneously more aware of your capacity to love and your capacity to hurt than every before. And make no mistake : every mother, whether 3 days, 6 months, or 8 years away from the birth of her baby is "postpartum." I want to tell these stories for you, to help you to never forget the way you loved your babies and transformed the world.

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Suzzane Brown

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(above) Kelly Sauer
(right) Angie Klaus

{ photos from my own births }

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my babies

Tristan and Fiona - life with them is a wild adventure. They are my heart, my reason for everything I do. 

the mountains

I fell in love for the first time one summer in the mountains. To this day, being in the mountains quickens my heart and makes me come alive.

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the mountains


I love words - the sound of them, the beauty of the rhythm, the way words can cut you to the quick and change your life. Nothing has shaped who I am and who I have become as much as words - the words I've read, the words spoken between friends.

a life of love and chaos

I live just west of Washington DC in Gainesville, VA with my husband Mike and my three kiddos, Tristan (11), Fiona (7), and Ivy (3.) Our days are full of love and chaos, full of violin practice, homeschooling, and banishing the kids to the outdoors while I sit down to work on your beautiful photos and films. (If you ever find yourself wondering why its been so long since my last blog post, this is why.) 

In all of my free time (haha, what's that?!) you might find me doing yoga (full disclaimer - I'm terrible at it), journaling, watching Netflix, or reading Mary Oliver poems.