My first labor was a full two days and two nights from the time my water broke. It went nothing like I envisioned it would. I thought I would be one of those moms who quietly breathed her baby down ; instead, I roared my baby out. I did the thing I could not do. I discovered that birth is primal, that mothers are incredible and do whatever they need to do to bring their baby into the world. I discovered that my body - that I'd always struggled with and at times hated - was powerful and strong and beautiful. 

In the days that followed my son's birth, I struggled to comprehend what I had just been through. Because there were so many aspects of my birth that didn't go "as planned", I felt sadness, confusion, even loss - mixed in with immense relief, pride, and joy. It was only through looking through my photos that I was able to process my birth story, integrate the different parts of it, and understand the power of it. As I rode the waves of post-birth hormones and emotions, my photos were my lifeline.

Birth is where I learned what beauty is and how to find it in people. And birth is my heart - to bring forth life, in everything and everyone that I touch.

I was the first photographer in the DC area to specialize in photographing births, and to date have photographed more births than any other birth photographer in this area. I bring my experience and reverence for birth to every birth story I am privileged to photograph.

philosopher, writer, empath, mom

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photo from my second birth by
 Simply by suzy

 My Loves

my babies

Tristan and Fiona - life with them is a wild adventure. They are my heart, my reason for everything I do. 

the mountains

I fell in love for the first time one summer in the mountains. To this day, being in the mountains quickens my heart and makes me come alive.

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the mountains


I love words - the sound of them, the beauty of the rhythm, the way words can cut you to the quick and change your life. Nothing has shaped who I am and who I have become as much as words - the words I've read, the words spoken between friends.

 My Philosophy

You're bringing a life into this world - you want to be surrounded by people who understand.

I create and hold space for your story.

I am as invisible as you need me to be, and as fully present as you want me to be.

Being an empath is my superpower: I don't just tell your story. I experience is as if it were my own.

I don't just observe, I feel what you feel and live it
with you.

I believe in stories - living them, telling them, cherishing them, remembering them.