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You deserve to SEE that.

Sometimes your life is everything you plan, and sometimes, it's nothing you could have imagined. But even in all the unpredictability, you stand strong and soft, feeling every bit of it. The smiles and the laughter, the tears and the temper tantrums, the celebrations and the sorrows -- they are your love story. And YOU are the story I tell.




Birth isn't the end of you. Your love story began long before your matrescence, and your birth is only the foundation of the passion you will carry into everything beyond.

Your baby is everything to you, but you are more than your baby. You are fire, you are softness, you are tender, you are steel. Your birth will be exquisite, and your path through it will exquisite too. There's so much more  to record than beautiful nurseries and baby booties.

While birth is what first drew me to photography, it is just the beginning. The power and love you experience in birth keeps showing up throughout your parenting journey.

Real life is more than a dressed up, "say cheese" portrait session. It is both amazing and arduous. It goes too fast and not fast enough. I'm here so you can hold onto every part of your story, even the ones that you silently wish away.




Your photography is           really good therapy 
             new mother.


for the

—  rachel, soldier and triathlete

Your photos were                      in
processing my delivery and to show me the strong woman                                  

so crucial

that I was.

—  Julie, labor and delivery nurse

photographer & filmmaker

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My own births taught me that I was not alone; now I'm here to show you that we're all in this together -- it may be hard, but it is beautiful.

When I began my family, my biggest fear was losing myself as I knew me (and for a while it felt like I had). But over the last eleven years, the power of stories -- both mine and yours -- have allowed me to see that I had only found myself more deeply. It is through inhabiting and telling our stories that we are seen. We are held. We are remembered.

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What is real                       
is always worth

What is real is always worth

You never dreamed how intense and hard and beautiful it would all be. Here. Hold onto your moments.