for photographers
and moms


Are you a photographer looking to learn video and you don't know where to start? Maybe you're a portrait photographer wanting to try birth photography. Or perhaps you're just a mom who wants to learn how to use all those manual settings on your fancy new camera! No matter where you are with photography and videography - whether a professional or a hobbyist - I can help take you to the next level. Topics can include:

* learning how to shoot video on. your DSLR 
* review of your current video technique
* video editing in FCPX
* learning how to cue your video clips to music and choose music that appropriately expresses the story of your film
* how to tell a story with your video, not just string a bunch of clips together 

* portfolio review
* editing techniques
* learn how to shoot in manual on a DSLR
* difficult lighting in various birth scenarios
* learning the birth environment as a photographer

growth and partnership with someone who gets it.


Mentoring begins at $250/hour.

 My Loves

my babies

Tristan and Fiona - life with them is a wild adventure. They are my heart, my reason for everything I do. 

the mountains

I fell in love for the first time one summer in the mountains. To this day, being in the mountains quickens my heart and makes me come alive.

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the mountains


I love words - the sound of them, the beauty of the rhythm, the way words can cut you to the quick and change your life. Nothing has shaped who I am and who I have become as much as words - the words I've read, the words spoken between friends.