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On my to-list under important but not urgent is this: “create a blog calendar.” I want to blog more – need to blog more – but it’s always so random, when I do a shoot or have a splash of inspiration. I’m hoping a blog calendar will help me be more consistent and get.it.done. But since it’s in the “not urgent” category, I still haven’t done it. Hopefully soon – since most of the things in my “urgent” categories are finally getting crossed off the list.

In the meantime, I wait for splashes of inspiration – like today, when I got some film scans back from PPI (Pro Photo Irvine.) I’ve heard other film photographers raving about them, but I couldn’t handle the 8 week waits to get film back. They finally got caught up and when I heard, I sent them some rolls the very next day.

I am as totally thrilled as I thought I’d be. I haven’t gotten this kind of color from any other lab. And my subject matter – well – Christie is pretty much the essence of beautiful. We’ve been friends since she was a senior in high school and I was a college sophomore. We’ve traveled Europe together, she was a bridesmaid in my wedding, and though we don’t see nearly enough of each other, when we do it’s just like old times. We had a “weekend just like old times” a couple weeks ago and I convinced her to let me practice some film shooting on her. I am so grateful for this friend and her beauty.

2013-01-31_0002 2013-01-31_00032013-01-31_0007 2013-01-31_00042013-01-31_0008


contax 645 :: fuji 400h :: ppi

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