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“I know I’m going to want photos to capture this special time in our lives and it’s been a real struggle for me to sift through all the photographers out there and find one I think embodies the style that I connect with. Until I found you:) Your style is so real, yet romantic, in a process that we romanticize our whole lives, even though the reality isn’t always so romantic:) I want that beautiful contradiction in my photos. Real and romantic.” ~ Sarah

Ever since getting this inquiry that made my heart skip a beat (this girl is speaking my language!), I have enjoyed getting to know Sarah and her husband John. I am SO excited about photographing the arrival of their baby girl in a few weeks. This is a couple who just adore each other – when I asked Sarah what her favorite thing was about John, her voice softened and she said “His heart,” and it didn’t sound at all cliche. She then went on to talk about how good and gentle-hearted he is, and I knew from the way she described him that he is going to be an awesome daddy to his little girl.

The love that Sarah and John have for each other flowed throughout our shoot, as did the love they already have for their daughter. There is no one easier to photograph than a couple or family in love with each other and in love with life. I am counting down the days til baby girl’s arrival!

Contax 645 :: Fuji 400H :: ProPhoto Irvine

  1. Karen says:

    One of these days, pregnant women and new moms will lose you to a big parenting magazine.

  2. Sarah says:

    Heidi, you have truly outdone even my wildest expectations. You’re AMAZING! There are no words to express how much capturing these images mean to me. You bring such happiness with your work <3

  3. courtenay says:

    Absolutely stunning! Definitely romantic, soft and dreamy! Awesome job 🙂

  4. Nancy says:

    I am awed by your work. You were able to capture the love between the three of them and these pictures brought me to tears I was so touched. You have a true gift and Sarah and John were so blessed to have found you. Thank you for capturing this truly special time in our familys’ journey.

  5. Liana says:

    Amazing! Sarah you looked gorgeous. Who knew a field of grass could look so romantic! Can’t wait for baby Kaiya!!!!

  6. Aidan says:

    Incredible! Beautiful couple and beautiful photography!

  7. Kirby says:

    I can’t believe the baby day is almost here! You two are like family and I, as well as the rest of the Garrison 6, want to say congratulations and that we can’t wait for you to visit again so we can see the little munchkin.

    Much Love

  8. Zodi says:

    these are gorgeous! kaiya is going to love looking at them when she is a little girl and when she gets ready for the same journey!

  9. Winnie Lehenbauer says:

    Love these pictures! So hard to pick a favorite. You and John are both glowing in them! Beautiful!!

  10. Kim Jordan says:

    Very nice. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Brenda says:

    Simple, sweet, serene; soft, sensual, sensitive. What a perfect world for Kaiya to enter. Beautiful capture.

  12. Marie says:

    Beautiful pictures! Sarah and John
    truly have some beautiful pictures to mark this wonderful time in their life

  13. Karen says:

    These are BEAUTIFUL! Stunning. Your mom-to-be will be thrilled to have these! Keep up the great work.

  14. tonya says:

    Sarah, the pictures are breath taking. They capture so much love. They are simply perfect. You are beautiful pregnant. You wear it well kiddo. Love to you both.

  15. Kelly Sauer says:

    What a beautiful family! There are some really stunning images here, girl – I’m terrifically proud of you! And 100% film too!! You are indeed Very Brave. 😀

  16. […] photographer is because nothing beats the emotion of parents meeting their baby for the first time. Sarah and John waited a long time and went through a lot just to get to that moment. I think they would […]

  17. Micki Fengler says:

    The pictures are beautiful!

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