I’ve been a bit silent on my blog and social media and this is the reason why! Baby #3 is coming to our family this spring and the first part of pregnancy I am 24 weeks now and finally feeling really great! Which is good because I have a calendar full of births, first48’s, family films, maternity and newborn sessions all in the next 16 weeks!

Pregnancy and I don’t always get along so well, but I’ve been so grateful that this one seems a bit easier than my first two. It helps that Tristan and Fiona are 7 and 4 now and can be quite independent when I need them to be (hello, naps!)

I will be taking May and June completely off for maternity leave, and then slowly easing back in. I am excited to fill up my fall 2019 calendar so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Want to know how we broke the news to the kids that we were going to have a new baby? Enjoy the little film I made where we told them – with glitter!

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