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home birth photography

When Clarissa first contacted me about photographing her birth, I told her that I would be out of town from June 28-July 5 – her due date was June 26 so obviously there was a good chance the baby would be born while I was gone. She decided to take the risk, and I carefully arranged for another photographer to cover the dates I was gone. What no one expected was that Clarissa wouldn’t have her baby before I left town….or while I was gone. Baby girl just kept waiting and waiting for her perfect birthday, and finally, one day before 42 weeks, she decided it was time. And when I say she decided it was time, I mean that once she got things started she wasted no time. A quick three hour labor brought this sweet girl earthside, and she was one of the most alert and aware babies I have ever seen – looking around, taking it all in. Mama made it look so easy (although I know it didn’t feel that way), dad was warm and supportive, and the midwife team from BirthCare exactly what mama needed. From the moment I stepped into their home, there was so much joy it was palpable. It was everything a birth can be and I was so, so happy this little girl decided to hang on until I could be there.

Music Credit: I Place My Hope // Ellie Holcomb // licensed through The Music Bed
Special thanks to  Dr. Andrino at the Chiropractic Associates for helping get baby girl into an optimal position 2 days before her birth

  1. amanda redwine says:

    So incredible…thanks for sharing!

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