the birth of fiona rose {personal}

October 24, 2014


I was looking back through my (apparently) neglected blog and realized that somehow, I had neglected to ever mention my own pregnancy and upcoming maternity leave. On October 11, Fiona Rose joined our family. We couldn’t be happier that she is here. I will be taking the rest of 2014 off from photographing births and portrait sessions, and will ease my way back into shooting in early 2015. And without any further ado, here is Fiona’s birth story. ~~~~

photo (1)The morning of October 10, I woke up and found myself 39 weeks pregnant – a full 1.5 weeks more pregnant than I had ever been with my son Tristan who was born 2.5 weeks early. Pregnancy and I don’t get along so well – apart from the fact that I miraculously escape any kind of nausea/morning sickness, every other pregnancy malady in the book seems to hit me with a double whammy. Insomnia, heartburn, aches and pains, difficulty moving around, lethargy, depression…the list goes on and on. Quite honestly I hate being pregnant. I had a hard time ever admitting this with my son because I really felt like creating life should be such an amazing thing that the happiness of it overwhelms any negatives.

But for some of us, pregnancy is not all rainbows and unicorns. My first pregnancy was hard, and so was this one, in most of the same ways and in some new ones (like the added exhaustion from chasing around a very active toddler.) Getting through pregnancy was very much about survival mode from the start. One day at a time. I was “ready to be done” when I was only about seven weeks along.

Thankfully this pregnancy flew by…until I hit 30 weeks. Then time slowed to a crawl and every day seemed to last forever. Since Tristan was born just after 37 weeks, I wanted everything to be ready by then “just in case” – which meant that after 37 weeks came and went, I started getting a little bored. I didn’t have any energy to do all the fun things I’d planned to do “in the waiting”, I felt like crap, and I just wanted to meet my baby girl.

As I passed by 38 weeks with no baby, and then as I hit 39 weeks, I’d started to think this little girl was going to keep me on my toes and come closer to my due date or even after. I deeply believe that babies come when they are ready, and as much as I wanted to be “done” I wanted to trust my baby and my body even more. Each night before I went to bed I journaled a little bit, sometimes cried a little bit, and reminded myself that my baby would come at the perfect time.

So on the morning of October 10, 39 weeks, I snapped this photo. I’d started to make peace with pregnancy lasting another week or two. At 8 am, right after Mike left for work, I started to feel some cramping…kind of like menstrual cramps, but even more mild. There was no pain attached to these cramps, just an awareness that something was going on. I noticed them fairly regularly but I didn’t time them. They didn’t seem to get any more intense or any closer together so I went ahead to my scheduled prenatal massage at 10:30. It was wonderfully relaxing, as always. I did notice as I walked back to my car in a pretty heavy rain that I was still cramping but further apart and more mild. I picked Tristan up from my mom’s house and we came home and had a normal afternoon. He watched some Thomas the Tank Engine while I puttered on the computer. I vacuumed and picked up a bit just in case these cramps meant something would happen in the next few days. I also noticed that I was losing some mucous plug/bloody show, but that had been going on intermittently for a couple weeks so I tried not to read too much into it.

Mike stopped on his way home and got take-out from Outback Steakhouse since I didn’t feel like cooking. I enjoyed some clam chowder and spinach and artichoke flatbread before we went upstairs to get the kiddo to bed. My plan was to have a relaxing evening, maybe take a bath (which I figured would slow things down), go to bed and get some rest.

I texted my midwife, doula, and photographer an update and told them I’d be heading to bed soon and was hoping for some action tomorrow. I hardly felt any cramps during my bath and climbed into bed wonderfully relaxed and ready to sleep. This was around 10 pm. I turned on a Hypnobabies recording…”Easy First Stage”…and started to drift off.

And then, about 15 minutes later, I pretty much leapt out of bed. I was getting so uncomfortable during the cramps – that suddenly weren’t feeling like cramps anymore but more like surges – that I had to be up and moving through them in order to find comfort. I texted Mike, who was getting Tristan back down after a wake-up, that I didn’t think there was going to be any sleep tonight. After letting everyone else know that I “spoke too soon,” I started really having to work through each surge. Mike started filling up the pool and I got dressed and in between surges got out some food for the birth team (which ended up not being needed), turned lights on, and other little things to get ready. The surges were piling on top of each other now, and it was becoming harder and harder to breathe through them and find any comfortable positions.DSC_9659

People started arriving around midnight. My midwife calmly started getting things ready and helping Mike get the temperature of the pool right. I really just wanted to get into the water because NOTHING was comfortable. I tried hands and knees, leaning over the birth ball, all kinds of things that only made the surges feel more uncomfortable. They weren’t really painful unless I was in the wrong position, so I ended up just mostly standing and leaning on our dresser.

Finally the pool was ready and I got in around 12:30 am. Instant relief. I felt the intensity of the surges float off of me as I was buoyed up by the water. Best.feeling.ever.


It wasn’t long – less than an hour – before I started feeling “pushy.” At first it felt good to bear down a little bit and just breathe down. But before long the “real” pushing overtook me. And when I say “overtook” me I mean it quite literally. This is the part of both of my births that felt completely beyond me, the part where my body did its thing and I was just along for the ride. It felt both immensely powerful and completely out of control (probably because it WAS completely outside of my conscious control.) I began “roaring like a lion” as we described it to Tristan when we were prepping him for potentially being present at the birth. Low moaning and breathing into the surges/pushes was the only thing that dissipated some of the intensity and at the same time sent all the energy down through my body where I felt like it needed to go. I felt like holding my breath (the way they instruct you to do in hospitals) would have made me explode. So I knelt, leaned against the side of the pool, grasped Mike’s hands, and roared my baby down. DSC_9744

I’ll be honest, this part lasted a LOT longer than I expected. As a birth photographer I’ve seen a lot of second time moms give birth extremely quickly, with pushing stages that lasted a mere contraction or two. As the minutes dragged onward and I didn’t feel a baby coming down I started feeling discouraged…like all I was doing was pooping, not having a baby. Some of the birth affirmations I had up on the wall started flashing through my mind…as well as something that I have written on my birth photography website about what I photograph when I am at a birth story:

“I look for the moment – near the end – when mom thinks “I can’t do this anymore.” And then she goes and does it anyway. There is a moment in giving birth where we as women discover our innate power, power that we carry with us always but aren’t necessarily aware of it. From the time I step into a birthing space until I go home, I am looking for that moment. The moment a woman becomes most fully herself :: the strong, determined, powerful woman bringing a baby earthside.”

Partway through this incredibly intense pushing phase I had to accept that for whatever reason, my baby was NOT going to just slide out, that I had to reach deep inside myself to find the ability to KEEP GOING when all I wanted to do was STOP. And in that moment I would, once again, “discover my innate power” of becoming most fully myself…strong, determined, powerful.

My midwife and her assistant sat calmly across the room while I worked through the surges and roared my baby down. Mike was quiet by the side of the pool and his sense of calm helped ME to stay calm. My doula sat quietly by the pool and held space for me. I felt both like I was deep inside myself and being held up by these witnesses who believed in me and knew that I, and I alone, could and would birth my baby.

Just as I was starting to despair that a baby was EVER going to come, my midwife recommended putting one foot in front, basically in runner’s pose/lunge, in order to open the pelvis a little bit more. I did so in between surges and it felt AWFUL. But I didn’t have time to go back to just being on my knees before another surge came and so I just stayed there. It did the trick – I started to feel her crowning and the whole “ring of fire” business. I have to say, it felt WONDERFUL. Not literally, maybe, but I was so happy because I knew she was almost here. All this work had a purpose. My doula ran to get Tristan – who miraculously had stayed asleep this whole time – and I kept at it, joyously feeling her head come out and a second later realizing I had to give it one last effort to get the rest of her out. And then she was out…in the water, scooped up on my chest, with the most incredible joy and relief and elation…feelings I’ve only felt at that intensity one other time. DSC_9755

After that was just bliss. I think the first few hours after birth may be my favorite part about birthing at home. The calm, the gentle, the family moments, the lack of any kind of rush or agenda. Just lots of time to snuggle and get to know our new baby. Tristan was enthralled with his new baby sister (once he woke up enough to realize what was going on), and Mike and I couldn’t wipe the smiles off of our faces.

All in all I think it was a little less than 4 hours of active labor after all the early labor “cramping” throughout the day. And despite feeling like it was taking forever, I pushed for less than 40 minutes total and only around 20 minutes of the “roaring my baby out” kind of pushing. It was more fast and furious than I expected or had time to fully process in the moment. It wasn’t painful the way we usually think of pain, but was such an incredible amount of intensity that I’m not entirely sure how the human body can withstand it…and yet I did. It was primal, and powerful, and while it didn’t feel gentle, it was about as close to perfect as I could have hoped for.

I had pretty much the most awesome birth team EVER so I can’t finish this post without thanking my midwife, Tammi McKinley, for believing in me and trusting me and always helping me to release worry rather than piling it on; Katy Vega, Tammi’s student midwife/assistant, for bringing calm and joy to every appointment and into my birthing space; Lindsey Vick, my doula, for our prenatal sessions that really helped me feel prepared for this birth; Angela Torres, for stepping in at the last minute to come in Lindsey’s place when she couldn’t make it because she was at another birth – thank you for holding space for me, for being amazing with Tristan, and also for the work you did over the next two days encapsulating my placenta; Suzy Brown, my amazing birth photographer, who traveled here from Chicago and spent 2 weeks in DC capturing our last days of pregnancy, our birth, and our first few days as a family of 4; and finally, even though he wasn’t AT the birth, my chiropractor Dr. Andrino for not only keeping me out of pain and comfortable throughout my pregnancy but also helping to assure that Fiona was in an optimal position for birth. I truly was surrounded by the best possible care providers and I love each and every one of them.

Enjoy the slideshow!

  1. Karen says:

    I’m so full of emotion thinking about your birth and thinking of you with me at my births and about how hard my post partum experience was after this last birth (which was in many ways easier). Yet, the birth story you told of my birth brought me a lot of healing. Still wish I could do one more, though I, like you, am not good at being pregnant. Spraining my hip last time made it that much less enjoyable for me. I’m glad you had a beautiful quick birth. So incredible! So beautiful! I love you!

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  49. は、いくつかの研究を行うために私を強制的に、私は非常に有用であることがあなたのポストを見つけました。マイページには、知識、楽しさと共有のアイデアを中心とします。私は将来的にあなたのサイトをご立派な幸運をお祈りし、私はそれを次のことになりますことを確認することができます。

  50. 多くのポスティング優れた素晴らしい素晴らしいに感謝。これを見るために時間を取ら| 私がした私が持っているうれしい| 私は私がよ。おかげでたくさん、| 対象トピックこんにちは

  51. 、私はちょうどその上で少し分析をしていた学生にこれを与えられました。私は彼のためにそれを発見したので、実際に彼は私に朝食を買いました。 🙂 ..だから私は、その言葉使いを変えてみましょう:御馳走してくれてありがとう!しかし、ええ、これを議論する時間を割いてくれてありがとう、私はそれについて強く感じ、このトピックの詳細学習をお楽しみください。可能な場合は、専門知識を得るように、あなたはより多くの詳細をあなたのブログを更新する気でしょうか?それは私にとって非常に便利です。このポストのための大きな親指アップ!本当にブログのあなたの方法のような研究のWebサイト上の記事のいくつかの今日、私の後

  52. これは、方法によって魅力の記事です。私は先に行くと、明日に後で読むために私の妹のために、この記事を保存するつもりです。優れた仕事をしてください。

  53. 。情報サイトを作成するために時間を割いてありがとうございました。私は間違いなく非常にすぐに再訪します。

  54. いつか男を私をフック真剣たくさん好き、これはあなたのポストにrevelantです(笑)私の周り屋を参照してくださいバディありadmite素敵なポストを得ました。世界で最高のスポーツのすべてのサッカーファンに

  55. あなたが個人的にコンテストを経験するべきです。私はこのページを提案するつもりです!感動

  56. これまで決してあきらめない:あなたが最初に失敗したとしても、最初のビューの多くを得るためにそれを処理しないで、自分に好意を行い、あきらめいけません。

  57. ありがとう。私はこの記事が私はちょうど私が探していたものを見つけるために他の同様の記事を閲覧する多くの時間を節約する助けていることを確認嬉しく思います。ただ、私が言いたい:ありがとうございます!

  58. 私は本当にあなたがあなたのインターネットのサイトで起こってしまっているこのテンプレートをお楽しみください。ところでテーマの名前は何ですか?私は私のクラスの部屋のプロジェクト用にビルドするつもりですウェブサイトのためのこのスタイルを使用して考えました。

  59. 。それは多くの人々に強い道徳的なシステムを構築するのに長い時間がかかることがあります。単純に起こる事のそのない一種。

  60. ほとんどのユーザーは、まだ、一定の幅を選択します。あなたは、季節限定することができ、ダウンロード対象をすることができます。説明のために、あなたは休日のトピック、フォトブログ、テーマ、または任意の他の季節の科目をダウンロードすることができます。

  61. は、あなたのウェブサイト上で素晴らしいコンテンツ素材のこの種の共有に関連するありがとうございました。私は、インターネット上でそれを発見しました。あなたは余分なariclesを公開するたびに私は再び戻ってチェックすることができます。このライトアップと上のスポット

  62. 主要!しかし私は、負荷に向かってあなたのブログをしようと、いくつかのトラブルを所有しています。私は負荷の近くに素晴らしいテストするとき、今、それだけでちょうど停止し、その後少しの間(5〜10分)かかりプラスそれにもかかわらず、これを近似する何かを得たことがないと前にそれを何度も理解しています。私は私がスパイウェアか何かを持っていない期待しています。誰もが問題は何ができるかを熟知用語の上に横たわっていますか?

  63. ゲーム用PCのあなたは可能性がありますあなたは可能性があなたがすることができるほど難しくはありません信じ、あなたの非常に作成する独自のゲーム用PCは、あります全体の完全なのようにトリッキーではない多くの人々に検討するだろう。今では、あなたの個々のゲーム·マシンを構築する際に、頭の中で明確なソフトウェアを持っているので、3つだけの主な要素あなたを あなたがしたする必要が心配し、すべての少しあなたが持つかもしれないする必要があり、他の小事は本当に二次的なものである:プロセッサ、ビデオクリップカード、およびRAMを。

  64. このサイトでは、昨日の作業波平。私はそれをaccesingしようとしたが、それは今3〜4回タイムアウトしましたが、私は今それにアクセスします。これはなぜ発生したのか?私はこのエラーを有する唯一のでしょうか?

  65. こんにちはねえ私のソーシャルネットワークでサイトあなたを共有しました。 MSN の使用を | ウェブログあなた| 私が発見した私が見つかりました。 つまりこれは 本当に きちんと書かれた記事。 私がします てくださいブックマークにそれとリターンの読みを もっとあなた役に立つの情報。ポスト| おかげで、ありがとうございました。 リターン | 確かに間違いなく | 私は意志私がよ。

  66. これは、このトピックについての外に出て検索する必要がある人のための適切なウェブログです。あなたは(私は実際にneedHaHaをということではない)あなたと議論するために、そのほとんどのハード多くを気づきます。あなたは間違いなく年間約書かれてthatsの被写体に新しいスピンを置きます。ニースもの、ちょうどいい!あなたのウェブサイト上で、次の素晴らしい書かれた内容を拡散に関係する多くの感謝を

  67. ハウディ とても素敵 サイト! 男 .. エクセレント .. アメージング .. I意志ブックマークあなたのサイトもさらに ?私は 満たさ 見つけるためにアウト検索する多数 有用 情報 右ここ 内 提出我慢 もっと |この}点に、{ありがとうございます。 。 。 。 。 。

  68. もっと 情報 ?リターン私の中で のろわこれは本当にされている。 データ情報を あなたはどの を {有用を見つけ |

  69. 2 Diggの感謝を追加しました。私は以来、新しいものを得ている、それはこれを見つけるために私に時間がかかりました!私もテーマのような実際にかかわらず。

  70. 私はちょうどに沿って閲覧し、あなたに出くわしました。 素晴らしいだけ言ってwantd ウェブサイトと、このポスト本当に私を助けました。として、私は最愛の

  71. これはエキサイティング実際にはかなり非常に 記事、私は探して求めてよ、これは方法を知っているために。だから、理解私は確立あなたのウェブ インターネットサイト私は探していされたときのために、インターネットサイト ウェブサイト |私のインターネットウェブで|自分の好きなので、表示されます見てくださいいつか、私はあなたが感じる方法を知っているように私に意見を投稿してください。

  72. 、それは少なくとも一度あなたの生活の中であなたは、可能な限り、すべてのものを疑うことが必要です。そこねえ

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  74. は私は正確に感謝を言うことを希望します。 特定それらの不在 私はおそらくしようとしていることができるものではない| 私は私は アイデアコンセプトに関するあなたで貢献このようにトピック。それは、私の見解で悲惨な状態になっていたあなたがそれを処理し、よく書かれた戦術を表示することができるという、 なさ |喜び私は以上にわたって泣き。 非常にご指導に感謝、あなたが何を素晴らしい実現信じて仕事あなたがしているの |指示|と他の人を他の人 パフォーマンスをしています ウェブサイト | インターネットウェブの援助。ほとんどの場合、あなたは私たちのいずれかに遭遇していません。巨大なレビューのために申し訳ありません

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  77. は現在のところ、長期と幸せになるために、その時のためにいくつかの計画を生成するために適切な時間です​​。アイブ氏は、この投稿を学び、私はちょうど私があなたにいくつかの注目度抜群の問題やアドバイスを提案することができます。おそらく、あなたがこのblogpostに関する今後の記事を投稿することができます。私はそれに関連するより多くのものを学びたいです!やあ

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  80. これは、このためのおかげで多くのことを非常にクールなブログです!アイブ氏は、過去にこのトピックに関する多くのことを読んで、私はあなたと同意するものとします。

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  83. スポットを開始することができます|このライトアップの仕事関数を、I 真この素晴らしい信じるサイト要求かなり はるか考察。数多く| もう一度 素晴らしい読むために多くの情報。 良いポストおやおや

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