September 24, 2015

angel :: northern virginia maternity photography

As I get back into my blogging routine coming off my maternity leave, I’m finally blogging a few sessions from last year that never made it up here. This one is one of my *absolute* favorite sessions, EVER, and it wasn’t even a “full” or “client” session. It was for my best friend Angel, last August when both of us were about 30 weeks pregnant. She was in town visiting from California, and I offered to snap a few maternity photos for her before we went out to dinner and had some long overdue catching-up time. Angel and I have been best friends for almost 20 years (!!) and it was pretty awesome to be pregnant with baby girls due at the same time. This session is a good example of how beautiful light and a beautiful subject go a long way – in a mere 30 minutes and 3 rolls of film (and a forgotten light meter so totally winging it on my exposures!) I got almost as many beautiful shots as a full session. Of course, Angel made it easy on me – I mean, look at these – it’s SO not fair to look this beautiful at 30 weeks pregnant with #3!

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