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One of my favorite parts of being 3 years into my career as a birth photographer is that many of my clients from the first year of my business are starting to have more babies. There is no greater compliment than being asked to photograph the birth of a second child, and after sharing these intimate moments together more than once we really start to feel like family! I photographed the birth of Sharon and Marco’s first baby, Jethro, back in 2013. Despite being a first time mom, Sharon’s labor was fast and furious. I barely made it to the hospital before Jethro was born. So I should have known when Sharon texted me at 9 am on a Tuesday that she was “maybe” having some contractions that we should have all headed to the hospital right then! Instead we agreed to keep in touch, and a couple hours later I got a text from Marco that they were in an ambulance being rerouted to the nearest hospital to give birth – their planned hospital was too far away! It was raining, the traffic into DC was terrible, and let me tell you – I was such a basket case trying to get there in time. And when I finally made it to the hospital, I was held up at reception for 15 minutes before they’d let me go back into L&D. I walked into the room just moments after Vida Cassandra made her debut. As disappointed as I was to miss the crazy fast labor and moment of birth, I still loved all the precious moments with Vida Cassandra and her sweet family in these first few hours after her birth.

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